Anjaneya is the Sanskrit word which signifies “Child of Anjani” and Anjayneya is another name for Hindi God Hanuman in Hindu Mythology. Hanuman is Ram’s associate in Ramayana. God Hanuman helped ruler Rama to get back Mata Sita from Ravana’s place called Lanka. Low Lunge Pose gets its name from the state of body frames amid asana. Anjaneyasana could be a total bundle – it conditions the body and quiets the psyche. You’re ensured to feel stimulated notwithstanding when an extreme low thrust effort. Here are anjaneyasana steps and benefits which are very useful.

Preliminary Poses: – Utkatasana, Adho Mukha Svanasana, Virasana, Prasarita Padottanasana

Follow-Up Poses: – Virabhadrasana 1, Virabhadrasana 3.

Other Name: – Crescent Pose, Half Moon Pose in Sivananda Yoga, Low Lunge Pose.

Level: – Basic

 Anjaneyasana Steps (Low Lunge Pose steps)


1. Begin the stance by getting into the stance of Adho Mukha Svanasana. When you are totally in the posture, inhale out and keep your correct foot forward way next to your correct hand.

2. Note that your correct knee and your lower leg are in parallel line.

3. Presently gradually let down your left knee and put it on the ground or floor, directly behind the hips.

4. Take in, and raise your middle; after that lift your arms over your head, in a way that your biceps are touching your ears, and join your palms and influence namaskar to motion.

5. Inhale Out. Give your hips a chance to unwind and forward, determined you are feeling a better than average extend inside the frontal locale of your leg and along these lines the hip flexors.

6. Keep your tailbone towards the floor. Extend your lower back as you have collaboration your spine. Extend your arms extra behind so your heart is pushed up. Look behind as you advance into the fragile aerobatic stunt.

7. Stay in the stance for 15 to 30 seconds. You may likewise lift up your knee of the back leg off the floor to play out a full crescent stance.

8. For discharging the stance, hold your hands back to the floor and get again into the Adho Mukha Svanasana. Rehash a similar procedure with your inverse leg moreover.

Health benefits of Anjaneyasana (Low Lunge Pose)

  • Anjaneyasana benefits the gluteus muscles and the quadriceps more grounded.
  • It gives the hips and hip flexors a decent extend.
  • It opens up your shoulders, lungs, and chest.
  • Low lunge pose causes you enhance your adjust.
  • Expands your capacity to think and furthermore fabricates center mindfulness.
  • Anjaneyasana eases sciatica.
  • Low lunge pose fortifies the stomach related and regenerative organs.
  • In the event that you hone this asana consistently, your body will be conditioned and empowered.

Effects of Anjaneyasana (Low Lunge quad stretch)

This Asana opens up the midriff of body, lungs and heart. Anjaneyasana benefits the glow in the body and works incredibly well for the people who believe that it’s hard to adjust to frigid atmosphere. The opening up of the lungs hurls out all the natural liquid, giving the lungs OK flushes. Anjaneyasana benefits in functioning collectively.

To rehearse this Pose, you require a better than average adjustment, and your hips, groin, and legs must be versatile. This asana is again one of those that seem, by all accounts, to be straightforward, however are exceptionally trying. This position gives the hamstrings, groin, quadriceps, and hips a not too bad expand, besides allows a full extent of development in the lower body. Anjaneyasana benefits for cyclists and sprinters and significantly benefits the people who have work region occupations.


Try not to play out this Asana if there should arise an occurrence of high B.P. what’s more, knee wounds.

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