This Yoga posture is a variety of headstand Pose (Sirsasana) or you can state it next level of Sirsasana. In this Urdhva padmasana (ऊर्ध्व पद्मासन) implies – Inverted or upward, Padma– Lotus. This asana is a mix of Sirsasana and Padmasana while doing this you need to perform the two postures in the meantime and that is the reason it is named as Lotus in Headstand Pose. Before doing this Yoga posture, you need to practice or ace in some fundamental asana like – Urdhva Dandasana, Dolphin Pose, Dolphin Plank Pose and Sirsasana (Headstand). In the wake of honing these asanas or acing in it goes for Lotus Pose in Headstand.

To start with, hone headstand with the help of divider and gradually attempt to twist your legs one by one into the position of Lotus posture, however you need to ace in Sirsasana first before performing Urdhva Padmasana. It goes under the rundown of troublesome Yoga posture so be cautious in light of the fact that any fall can cause genuine damage.

Level of Asana: – Advanced

Steps of Urdhva Padmasana (Lotus Pose in Headstand, ऊर्ध्व पद्मासन)

urdhva padmasana

1. Initially, put the yoga tangle with collapsed cover for your head wellbeing and support. From that point onward, get into the position of Sirsasana (Classical headstand Pose).

2. First and foremost, you may take the help of divider for your solace; take your partner or a companion help for keeping you from any fall and for your wellbeing too.

3. From that point forward, delicately twist your correct leg and put it to your left side thigh, and place your left leg to your right side (interlock the two legs same as lotus posture or amid Sirsasana perform lotus posture).

4. In the wake of performing Lotus posture, hold the position alongside endeavor to keep up your adjust as much as you can. Amid the last position, inhale typically.

5. For releasing the asana, fix your legs and put down gradually on the floor.

6. Presently take some rest in the Corpse Pose (Shavasana).

(Utilize collapsed Blanket and places it under your head, First, clear the fundamental level yoga stances and ace in Sirsasana at that point go for Urdhva Padmasana (Lotus Pose in Headstand). Be Patience keep your mind quiet amid honing asana. Perform asana accurately and in an orderly way and day by day rehearse is an essential piece of any Yoga posture)

Health benefits of Urdhva Padmasana (Lotus Pose in Headstand)

  • In Ancient age, it is said that many Rishi’s played out this stance for “Tapasya” (Austerity).
  • Best for chastity (Brahmacharya in Hindi) or who comply with the guidelines of Brahmacharya.
  • Useful for your mind, coz the stream of blood is expanded towards cerebrum amid this posture.
  • Lotus Pose in Headstand gives every one of the advantages of an established headstand or you get the same advantages as Sirsasana.
  • Valuable in numerous apprehensive related issues and in glandular clutter moreover.
  • Urdhva Padmasana can enhance memory and expel tiredness amid mental work.
  • Lotus yoga poses in headstand kick out tiredness and enhances your memory.


Dodge Lotus Pose in Headstand in the event that you have shoulder, hip, knee, wrist or back damage. Pregnant ladies, individuals having high B.P. or, then again heart condition entirely stay away from this. Attempt to sit in the lotus posture when you are agreeable at that point hone Sirsasana after that attempt this.

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