Sanskrit: – Karnapidasana (कर्णपीड़ासन)

Different Names: – Knee touching to ear posture, Ear weight posture, knee to ear posture

Preliminary Pose: – Forward folds, rabbit posture, youngster posture, bear stand, Adho mukho Asana

Reinforces: – Vertebral section, Lungs

Extends: – Vertebral section, Shoulders

Take after – up asanas: – Eight-Crooks posture (Astavakrasana) Fish posture (Matsyasana), Four-Limbed Staff Pose (Chaturanga Dandasana) and Firefly posture (Tittibasana)

Karnapidasana is made up of the mix of karna+pida+Asana, in which ‘Karna’ implies Ear, ‘Pida’ implies torment and Asana intends to seat, stance or posture. This Asana is otherwise called Raja Halasana. The Karnapidasan is alluding to be exceptionally successful posture which can help to kick out every one of the issues identified with the ear. We can state this is the propel level of halasana and Sarvangasana. You need to first ace in halasana (furrow posture) and Sarvangasana (bear stand posture) after that endeavor this yoga stance of Karnapidasana.

This Karnapidasan yoga pose is an aggregate extension of the spine, allowing helpful fluids to wash each vertebra. Karnapidasana (Knee to Ear) Yoga Pose is a propel level of the Plow Pose (Halasana), the length from the knees to the toes is parallel to the ground. The skull transforms into the establishment of the position and considers a delicate extend of the neck.

How to do Karnapidasana (Knee to Ear Pose)


1. In Karnapidasana yoga initially rests on the floor on your back in resting position, and your arms ought to be put in resting posture along the edges.

2. Your legs ought to be straight before you.

3. Breathe in and keep down your palms on the floor.

4. Presently bring your legs up noticeable all around and endeavor to breathe out.

5. Attempt to keep your legs erect noticeable all around. (Ardha halasana position, your legs should directly at 90 degree noticeable all around).

6. Presently attempt to put your legs over your head.

7. Presently endeavor to lift up your butts and attempt to twist your legs over the head. (Twist or press your knee into the floor by your upper arms simply close to the ear, and endeavor to press and place them simply close to the ear).

8. Your arms ought to be parallel to our body.

9. For supporting your hips attempt to lift up your hands and hold them under your lower back.

10. Attempt to get your twist knees together.

11. After that put down your knees and take a full breath.

12. Presently lift up your butts and keep down your knees.

13. By this, you will have the capacity to set yourself in an ear weight pose.

14. After that open your curve knees and keep them on the ground.

15. Presently keep your legs on the ground and attempt to extend your arms in parallel posture.

16. Keep in your psyche to put your palms open over the floor looking towards the roof.

17. Hold this position for around 6 to 8 relaxes.

18. Finally, keep down your arms on the floor and get back in the underlying position and rest for a moment and rehash the procedure around 3 to 5 times.

Health benefits of Karnapidasana (कर्णपीड़ासन)

  • Karnapidasana Stretches and reinforces your spine.
  • Offers quality to the lungs and gainful for asthma patients.
  • Empowers the stomach organs, and thyroid organ.
  • Extends the shoulders and spine.
  • Controls hypertension.
  • Diminish the manifestations of menopause.
  • Karnapidasana Helps to ease weakness, stress, a sleeping disorder, and negative side effects of menopause.
  • Accommodating in spinal pain, barrenness, sinusitis.
  • Karnapidasana yoga pose gives further spinal flexion and an exceptional extend of the hips.
  • Great stance for interior stomach back rub to the organs.
  • Karnapidasana tones the rear end, hips and thighs amid extending the shoulders and neck.

Precautions of Karnapidasana

Avoid this posture if there should arise an occurrence of looseness of the bowels, Menstruation, neck damage, hypertension.

In Asthma and high B.P. utilize props for supporting your legs. Counsel yoga master and specialist before beginning any yogic exercises.

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